Beta Breakthrough Awards
Apr 22, 2017

At BetaCon, our mission is to celebrate and bring together gamers, technology fans, educators and innovators. So, we're proud to begin the tradition of the Beta Breakthrough Awards, honoring exceptional games and technology, as well as the winners of betaVS competitions that occur at the event. The Beta Breakthrough Awards, focused on games and technology, were handed in these categories: Innovation, Independent Game, Oregon Studio and Best of Show.

Innovation Award

This honor celebrates the product, technology or game that represents the greatest innovation present. 

Winner: Bits & Bytes

Mention: Form 3D Foundry

Independent Game Award

The Independent Game Award is presented to the best new and original game title from a small or independent studio. 

Winner: Rezplz by Longneckgames

Mention: Modulus: Phase One by Hunters from the Bathroom

Oregon Studio Award

This award recognizes the best game development talent at BetaCon from Oregon’s exploding ranks of game studios. 

Winner: Wickworks

Mention: Fat Finger Foundry

Best of Show Award

The Best of Show is awarded to the exhibition that best exemplifies the spirit and mission of BetaCon.

Winner: PIGSquad

Mention: Wacom and polycount

Costume Award

The Best Costume award will be given to the attendee wearing the most original and best-executed costume. 

Winner: Krista McCray as Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands

betaVS Awards

The betaVS Awards celebrate competitive gaming champions at BetaCon. For 2017, the winners for each game were:

Super Smash Bros. 4: Sean B.

Super Smash Bros. Melee: Eric B.

Street Fighter V: Christian S.