Apr 13, 2017

Welcome to betaVS, the hub for competitive gaming at BetaCon. Presented by Oregon’s leading e-sports forum CACAW Gaming, betaVS is a free series of tournaments inviting players of all skill levels. Battle opponents at four great games and vie for a prize package courtesy of Razer, Projekt Red - The Witcher, Red Bull and more. 

Competitions: Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Smash Bros 4, Street Fighter 5 & StepManiaX dance game by Step Revolution.

We recommend you bring your own GameCube controller if you have one, but we'll have plenty of extras on hand.

The Super Smash Bros 4 competition is happening Saturday, 4/15 & Super Smash Bros Melee tournament will take place Sunday, 4/16.

Tournament Format: Super Smash Bros tournaments will feature single matches in a single elimination bracket. If a contestant is knocked out in the early bracket they may enter the late bracket if there is room.

Entry Deadlines: Smash Bros. Melee and Smash Bros. 4 will feature two brackets: an early bracket and a late bracket. You can enter either bracket to compete at betaVS. To enter the early bracket you must register by noon on either day of BetaCon. To enter the late bracket you must register by 3pm on either day of BetaCon. 

You can compete either day in Street Fighter 5 (3pm registration deadline) and StepManiaX (any open time either day until 6pm on Sunday). Face-off against other players to win prizes and bragging rights. The Street Fighter 5 tournament is presented courtesy of the Portland Fighting Game Community. Check them out here.

Rules: betaVS Smash Bros competitions will follow Pacific NW Super Smash Bros 4 rules (here) & Super Smash Bros Melee rules (here).

All regular matches will be best 2 of 3. The bracket finals and grand finale will be best 3 of 5. 

Awards: Presented at 7pm each night. Winners will be recognized on stage and awarded a trophy and prize package.

Please try and remain in tournament area to assist in smooth round transitions and be respectful to your competitors.

Good luck!