BetaCon Cosplay Contest
Apr 9, 2017

Want to dress as your favorite video game character or pop-culture persona at BetaCon? Please do! Check in at the BetaCon info booth between 1-3pm on either Saturday, April 15 or Sunday, April 16 for evaluation.

Contestants are allowed to wear any appropriate costume, with pre-purchased and previously made costumes permitted. 

Judging will be based on three questions:

1. Does the costume represent the source material?

2. How well does the contestant portray the character?

3. Is the costume original? 

Contestants will be pre-judged individually. A winner and honorable mentions will be announced on the betaLIVE stage on Sunday night and on social media. The winner will receive a prize package including a $100 gift card to Metro Boutique costume shop in Portland, Oregon.

Group Photo: Contestants are encouraged to pose for cosplay/costume group photos at 3pm each day, outside the event hall near the registration table.

Wear a costume, get in free?! The first 25 people in full costume to get in line for tickets each day (Saturday, 4/15 & Sunday 4/16) get into BetaCon for FREE with a GA day pass.